Museum of Appalachia wedding horse and carriage

Kylie and Max – Museum of Appalachia Wedding Photography

Museum of Appalachia Wedding

Hay bales, mason jars, a grist mill, fall leaves, & moonshine – sounds like an East Tennessee wedding! We first met Kylie at a bridal show. She was excited to tell us that her wedding would be at the Museum of Appalachia – in the Fall. Great, sounds perfect! And it was. It turned out to be a beautiful day. There were many handmade decorations for the reception and many unique details that made this a day that all in attendance would remember. The Bride and her Bridesmaids made their entrance on a horse-drawn wagon where the guests were seated on rows of hay. Following the ceremony we did a short portrait session with the B&G and then the Party Boys took over to emcee the reception. The wedding was expertly coordinated by Dazzling Events by Ashley. Also everyone enjoyed Foster’s Snap Shot photo booth throughout the reception. Thanks Kylie and Max for letting us be a part of your celebration!

appalachia-museum-wedding-001  appalachia-museum-wedding-002

appalachia-museum-wedding-003  Museum of Appalachia Wedding

appalachia-museum-wedding-005  appalachia-museum-wedding-006

Museum of Appalachia Wedding

appalachia-museum-wedding-010  appalachia-museum-wedding-011

appalachia-museum-wedding-013  appalachia-museum-wedding-014

appalachia-museum-wedding-015  appalachia-museum-wedding-016


appalachia-museum-wedding-017  appalachia-museum-wedding-018

Museum of Appalachia Wedding



appalachia-museum-wedding-024  appalachia-museum-wedding-025


Museum of Appalachia Wedding

appalachia-museum-wedding-031  appalachia-museum-wedding-032

appalachia-museum-wedding-033  appalachia-museum-wedding-035Museum of Appalachia Wedding


appalachia-museum-wedding-039  appalachia-museum-wedding-041




appalachia-museum-wedding-045  appalachia-museum-wedding-046

appalachia-museum-wedding-047  appalachia-museum-wedding-048


appalachia-museum-wedding-053  appalachia-museum-wedding-054

appalachia-museum-wedding-055  appalachia-museum-wedding-056

appalachia-museum-wedding-057  appalachia-museum-wedding-058


Museum of Appalachia Wedding  appalachia-museum-wedding-063

Museum of Appalachia wedding

Museum of Appalachia wedding  appalachia-museum-wedding-065


Fosters Photo Booth  Fosters Photo Booth

appalachia-museum-wedding-069  appalachia-museum-wedding-070

appalachia-museum-wedding-030  Museum of Appalachia wedding

Museum of Appalachia wedding

Knoxville Wedding Photographers

appalachia-museum-wedding-073  Knoxville Wedding Photographers


appalachia-museum-wedding-076  appalachia-museum-wedding-078

Fosters Photo Booth  Knoxville wedding cake

Museum of Appalachia Wedding

Knoxville Wedding Photography

appalachia-museum-wedding-082  appalachia-museum-wedding-083

appalachia-museum-wedding-084  appalachia-museum-wedding-085


Knoxville Wedding  Knoxville Wedding

Knoxville Wedding Photography  Knoxville Wedding Photography

Knoxville Wedding Photography  Knoxville Wedding Photography


  1. The bride with the horse portrait is my favorite. Something about the texture of her dress and texture of the horse really play well off each other. Amazing location too!

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