What we do

People often ask us what makes us different from other photographers. That’s a hard question to answer with so many talented photographers in the Knoxville, TN area, all capable of delivering amazing photos. Over the many years that we have been photographing weddings together we have determined that we each have a style of our own, but when you put our two styles together you get a mixture of photos that are both stunning and emotional, jaw dropping but still romantic. We are not each other’s assistant when it comes to photographing your wedding. We are a true team that will bring two sides to your story. We’ve said many times that our main focus is on catching the moments as they happen and that truly is our favorite part. But, it is so much fun to take the bride and groom away for a little while and create portraits that will always remind them how they felt that day. Let us show you what it was like to watch you get married!

“Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.”
—Robert Bresson


1. How long have you been photographing weddings?
We have been a photography team since 2008, even before we were married! Together we have photographed over 150 weddings. In fact, we have never shot one without each other!

2. What is it like to work with you?
We’re probably two of the most casual, laid back (and socially awkward) people you’ll ever meet and that’s how we want you to feel on your wedding day! (Well, not awkward.) We are not there to control your day or boss you around, you should enjoy the moment. So sit back, relax, be yourself and have fun. It’s your wedding day! We’ll be there capturing everything as it happens for photos that feel real & honest. Photos that we’re sure you’ll love for years to come.

3. Do I need a timeline?
Weddings are notorious for running behind. When this happens, photos that were once very important to you now get pushed aside. A timeline helps everyone stay on track and prevents important moments from being left out. Don’t have a timeline? We’ll help you create one!

4.  Do you work from a shotlist/Pinterest board?
Pinterest is a great resource to help you plan your wedding and define your style. We hope that you’ll hire us because you love the work that you’ve seen and trust us to create images that are unique to you.

5.  Do you edit all of my photos?
Yes! All images you receive will be edited for proper exposure and color correction. You’ll be all set to start printing!

6. Do you sell prints?
Yes we do!  All of our clients are given an online gallery to view their photos and share with friends and family.  It’s super easy to order prints and canvases right from the gallery!  We also offer custom storybook albums which are a great way to show off your photos!

7.  What are your prices and how do we book you for our wedding?
Our prices can vary depending on the date and location. We would love to give you a “starting price” or “average booking price”, but every wedding is different and we would rather hear what you need prior to giving you a price. Please contact us with your wedding date, location and plans and we will give you the best quote possible. Click here to contact us! To hold your date, we just need a deposit and signed contract.

8. Do you offer portrait sessions?
Yes! We have specialized in weddings for many years, but we also enjoy doing portrait sessions. Contact us here for pricing info!